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Our Mission
To be an organization which works actively in international area, respects nature and human labor, keeps up the developing and constantly being renewed world and pioneers the production of veneer, timber and wood plating and creates a difference.

Our Vision
To be an organization which is well regarded in global trade environment and capable of directing sector.
About Us

Our company, which is one of the most leading company in wood veneer production, was founded in 1993. Since then, we have made our brand acknowledged in domestic and foreign markets with quality and reliance we adopted as a principle.

We keep our contributions to national economy through our imports and exports to/from various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. We also offer veneers and lumbers (Burma Teak, Ebony, Jatoba, Tamo, Santos etc.) produced in different parts of the world to use of consumers in our country. We export some of them to various countries in the world.

Our machine pool is renewed according to today’s technology. We have reached world standards in veneer cut sector with 2 vertical cutting machines, electronic iron drying and presses.

With our principle of presenting the best, we are one of the companies having the widest range of products in our country and working with the same excitement on the first day to ensure customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the wood quality of our country’s forests can’t satisfy veneer sector. Naturally, our sector is largely dependent on outside sources in terms of raw materials. Our company has got into partnerships abroad, because transportation and customs expenditures in wood importation raise the costs. Starting production of coating and wood plating in Russia and Romania, our company keeps contributions to national economy and sector as a multinational company.